Developmental Assessment Clinic

“Every star shines a little differently “

Our Developmental Assessment Clinic

Children develop differently and at different rates, but developmental delays can be the first signs of underlying health conditions including brain injuries from birth traumas and cerebral palsy. Delays can also be caused by undiagnosed genetic disorders and other significant systemic disorders.

If you are worried about your child’s development, the Developmental Assessment Clinic offers a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s milestones, with an aim to identify any issues, investigate them rapidly, and treat or manage any underlying diagnoses.

Here’s what happens in a developmental clinic:

  • Weight and Height accurately plotted on appropriate growth charts
  • BMI calculation with subsequent appropriate advice and guidance if low or too high
  • Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Oxygen Saturation check
  • Thorough developmental history (including birth history)
  • Neuro-developmental examination
  • Instant access to clinic letters and test results via your Portal account
  • Sticker badge for your child (and one for you too!)

If any abnormal findings are identified, we will be offered the following additional service:

  • Further investigations including neuro-imaging*
  • Urine and Blood Panel*
  • Further follow up consultations*
  • Access to in-house physio*
  • Signposting and referrals to appropriate teams, example orthopaedics, speech and language therapies, etc*

So do not delay. Book now and ensure your child is on the right track with their development, and that they get the high standards of care they deserve.

Well child, endless possibilities..

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Please note that services marked with * are not included in the clinic consultation fees