Gait And Limb Assessment (GALA) Clinic

The GALA Clinic

Does your child keep tripping and falling? Or do they tend to drop things from their hands? Are they often referred to as “clumsy”? Or do they keep bumping into things or keep “tripping over their own feet”?

Are they unable to keep up with their peers in the playground and find it difficult to execute fine motor tasks like writing or using cutlery?

These could be signs of abnormal power and tone of the limbs. If you are concerned that something is out of the ordinary with the way your child is using their limbs, you can book into the GALA clinic, where we can help with a full assessment and diagnostic testing

In the GALA clinic, the following:

  • Detailed examination of your child
  • Rapid tests and investigations like MRI Scans*, if required
  • A clear diagnosis to helps galvanise relevant professionals and support systems 
  • Signposting and referrals to appropriate interventions and multi-disciplinary teams, if needed. 
  • In house access to x4 home physiotherapy sessions*, if needed
  • Offer of follow up consultant review
  • Offer of Health Advice Plan for school

Services marked with * are not included in the fees