Seizure Clinic

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The Seizure Clinic

Abnormal movements in a child can provoke immense anxiety and distress for them, and their family. Seizures, no matter the cause, can pose significant risks to a child if left unmanaged.

In many cases, it can be challenging to decipher a cause, and families end up embarking on long-winded journeys in search of answers.

This is why it is important to arrange a timely consultation with a Paediatrician with expertise in managing seizures. If you are concerned that your child had or is still having seizures or other abnormal movements, you can book a consultation now.

The Seizure Clinic Consultation Includes:

  • No wait list
  • First seizure assessment by a Paediatrician with expertise in epilepsy
  • Thorough examinations and developmental assessment
  • Access to prompt investigations including MRIs* and EEG* (no long wait list there either!)
  • Appropriate and timely treatment where needed
  • Same day output of clinic letters
  • Instant access to clinic letters, results, prescriptions and care plans through your Portal account
  • Individualised Seizure Care Plan*

All children with seizures will be offered a KKN Individualised Seizure Care Plan* and Travel Letter. This is a best-practice standard for any child or young person with epilepsy.

A Care Plan assists in integrating your child in other settings, like school, with careful descriptions of their seizures and clear escalation plan/advice for all carers.

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“epilepsy does not rule” – Dr Ude

Services marked with * are not included in the consultation fees