You get to choose, because you know your child best.

Well Child Visits

A Well Child Visit is a time to sit down with your Paediatrician and ask about any concerns you may have about your child’s development.

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Migraine Clinic

If you are concerned about your child’s headaches or migraines we can assess and rule out sinister causes.

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Developmental Assessment

All children develop at different rates, but delays can be signs of underlying issues. If you are worried, we can help.

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Seizure Clinic

If you are concerned that your child had or is having seizures or other abnormal movements, please book now.

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Health Plans for Schools

If your child is often too unwell to attend school we can help formulate a strategy to get your child back into normal activities.

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Gait and Limb Assessment

If you are concerned about your child tripping and falling often, or not keeping up with peers in the playground. We can help.