Well Child Visit

Well child, endless possibilities

The Well Child Visit

A Well Child Visit is a time to sit down with your Paediatrician and ask about any concerns you may have about your child’s development and receive preventative care.

Regular health checks in children allows early recognition of many illnesses. Use of urgent care centres or other time-constrained clinics for your well child visits do not provide the same level of comprehensive care, because they are not equipped with paediatric expertise, or the adequate time allotment required for a thorough assessment.

Here are some of the things to expect during your well-child visit

  • No wait list
  • A thorough physical examination and review of development.
  • Weight and Height accurately plotted on appropriate growth charts
  • BMI calculation with subsequent appropriate advice and guidance if low or too high
  • Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Oxygen Saturation check
  • Standard Urine and Blood panel*
  • Anticipatory guidance on nutrition, behavioural difficulties, sleep problems and any other concerns
  • Well Child sticker badge for the child