At Kent Kids Neurology you are assured of the highest quality care for your child. And we truly believe in our tagline – well child, endless possibilities!

We are so passionate about those we serve that Kent Kids Neurology has expanded its services to reach even more families in need. In addition to our established presence in Kent, we are now also based in Sussex and with remote consultations also available we can reach more families and make a positive impact on the lives of children facing neurological challenges.

Hello! And thank you for choosing Kent Kids Neurology

I am Dr Chinwe Ude, Founder and Paediatric Consultant at Kent Kids Neurology! I am a highly experienced Paediatrician with additional expertise in children’s Epilepsy and Neurology. I am also a Mum of three kids. My team and I run this Clinic based on two principles- Firstly, every child deserves high quality health care, and that includes active and preventative health solutions. Secondly, every parent deserves compassionate consultations and high level expertise which address their concerns about their child’s health, and that is regardless of their budget. This is why ALL our clinics and programs are on payment plans!

Here’s my promise to you

-We provide exceptional paediatric care and are committed to your child’s health outcomes.

-We care for your child, with compassionate and efficient services and minimal waiting times.

-We empower you with choices and information that is guaranteed to create long term benefits for you and your child.

-We welcome you no matter your budget.

Dr Chinwe Ude – FRCPCH, MB BS, Dip Cert Advanced Paediatrics (UCL)






Kent – Spire Alexandra Hospital

Saturday: 9am – 1pm

Tel: 020 3355 4246

Sussex – Paediatric Diagnostics

Tuesdays 9am – 12.30pm

Tel: 020 3355 4246

At Kent Kids Neurology, we are big on Sleep!

Sleep difficulty in children is harder to notice than you think! Sometimes, the only indicators are mood swings, anxiety, recurrent infections and faltering school performance. The sooner it is identified and corrected, the better.

Take the Sleep Quiz below to find out if your child has undiagnosed sleep difficult.

Sleep quiz

I cannot thank Dr. Ude enough for the exceptional care she has provided to my son during his illness. She made us feel welcomed and comfortable and was incredibly patient and attentive as she listened to our concerns and thoroughly assessed my son’s symptoms. Dr Ude took the time to explain the diagnosis and treatment plan in a way that was easy for us to understand. She also made herself available to answer any questions we had, even after the consultations. Her professionalism, expertise, and kindness were a source of great comfort during a very challenging time.
Lukas’ Mum

Dr. Ude has been absolutely wonderful. Making our first appointment to see her was one of the best decisions I have made. She has been so supportive and helpful and understanding with my daughter’s care.

I wish I had seen her immediately at the point of diagnosis.
Octavia’s Mum